Thursday, April 22, 2010

Duncan’s World

Title: Duncan’s World
Author: T. A. Chase
Publisher: Amber Quill
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60272-668-0
Genre: [M/M] Contemporary Western
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Mystical Nymph

Since he turned eighteen, Kyle MacDonald had followed his father and older brother from one professional bullriding event to another. He organizes, cleans and keeps track of their equipment, all while trying to avoid making his abusive, alcoholic father angry. It doesn’t take much to send his dad into a violent rage and even though he’s been told to stay away from the bull, Kyle rebels and visits the pens as much as possible. It’s during one such forbidden visit that he meets Champion Bull Rider Duncan Hornsby.

Duncan’s won the championship two years running and is ahead in the standings for the current year. He’s watched Kyle for several weeks and despite Kyle’s father being his biggest competitor, Duncan can’t deny his attraction to the shy, younger man. Duncan’s willing to risk just about everything for the chance of building a lifetime with Kyle. The question is whether he can protect his new lover from the macho posturing of other bull riders and his violent father and sibling.

Duncan’s World is the latest release by talented multi-published author T. A. Chase. It’s a well-written enjoyable read with two likable characters in young Kyle and older, experienced Duncan. These two men are at vastly different places in their lives, but they still want the same things: love, companionship, a caring partnership and a place to call home.

Despite his young age, living with his abusive father and brother has made Kyle a little world weary and TA has expressed those feelings of emotional and physical pain nicely. I loved Kyle’s refusal to give up visiting the bull pen’s even though he knew it angered his easily riled father. It was a small freedom he enjoyed and nothing was going to make him give it up. He’s a guy you’d be glad to call friend; he’s kind, caring, helpful and loyal. Duncan is everything Kyle ever wanted and he’s willing to defy his father orders to get it.

There’s little in the way of conflict between Duncan and Kyle. Instead, TA has concentrated on outside conflicts and how they impact the men’s growing relationship. The emotional ties between these two are strong, the passion intense, and the sex blistering hot. Kyle and Duncan are great together and while I enjoyed the entire story, my favorite scenes, and the ones I think TA excelled at, all revolve around Kyle’s father getting his just desserts—one by Kyle, another by Duncan and the final blow by Kyle’s mother.

While this story has its share of angst, overall it’s a tale of new beginnings, love found despite adversity and a hope for a better tomorrow. Read and enjoy. I did.

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