Friday, June 11, 2010

Toy Box: Domination

Title: Toy Box: Domination
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60370-988-0
Genre: [M/M] Contemporary BDSM
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Mystical Nymph

The Sound of Pleasure, a Found story – 4 Nymphs
Tanny loves to run and no matter how hard Billy tries, it doesn’t make sense to him. When Tanny confesses how pushing through the pain when he hits a wall where he doesn’t think he can take another step, reminds him of a scene, Billy sets out to show his loving sub that nothing is as good as what they can do together

The Sound of Love, a Forged story – 4 Nymphs
Jeremy is still having difficulty dealing with the aftermath of his double amputation. When he comes home in a really bad mood and in pain after a couple of falls at the forge, it’s up to Simon to remind his stubborn lover that together they can overcome anything life can throw at them.

The Sound of Home, a Bent story – 3.5 Nymphs
Marcus has been out of town at a leather convention for several days. When he returns home, it feels like forever since they’ve been together. It doesn’t take long before these two long term lovers are back into a scene, showing each other just how important love and home really is. It’s everything.

Toy Box: Domination by Sean Michael is a compilation of stories that delve into the lives of three couples involved in an ongoing dominant/submissive relationship. Readers first became familiar with these men in their own Hammer book and I, for one, am happy to see them again in this anthology of shorts. In each story, you’ll find the couple involved with whatever kink works for both partners. Each story is short, but gives the reader a nice glimpse into each couples lives since we say them last.

The Sound of Pleasure-Tanny and Billy work hard at their relationship and this look into their lives is probably the strongest and my favorite. The expression of Billy’s love and patience for his partner is tender and caring, while at the same time passionate, intense and dominating. Each step they take forward in their partnership is a bit painful, but over time they’ve discovered that together they can get past anything and come out stronger on the other side. Good job Mr. Michael.

The Sound of Love-I admit it. I love Simon and Jeremy and don’t feel that we see this great couple nearly enough. While some might feel that Jeremy isn’t getting past his injuries fast enough, I say that in reality he’s progressing at a believable pace. It’s understandable that the independent iron worker would have difficulty accepting the limitation his double amputation has put on this life, and Mr. Michael has done a great job expressing his fear and uncertainty. Yet through all his trials, Jeremy knows he has a solid and endearing relationship with the love of his life—Simon, the man who always knows what he needs.

The Sound of Home-I’ve read the Hammer series since Marcus and Jim were first introduced in Bent. The characters Mr. Michael created are intense, passionate and caring but from my viewpoint, not all of Jim’s changes are for the better. He might have been in need of direction and submission when he first met Marcus, but he could still function. Now it seems he’s turned into a completely needy sub that can’t go three days without his Master telling him what to do. I love that Marcus is able to give Jim what he needs to be happy and content, but he’s become so dependent that I wonder what would happen if the worst occurred and Marcus died or become permanently disabled. I’m afraid he’d fall apart, shrivel up and likely die. My Jim needs a little backbone back please.

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