Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black Surrender

Title: Black Surrender
Author: Lorie O’Clare
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781419931260
Genre: {M/F}, Shape-shifter
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Rafe has always wanted casual relationships, so he doesn’t know why he wants Anna so much. Anna has been protected all her life but is attracted to Rafe, despite her brother’s dismissal of him.

Black Surrender is an intensely emotional book, not only because of Anna and Rafe’s relationship, but the twists and turns within the Black Jag society. The third installment of the Black Jag series continues the fight to save the laws and traditions that were found. The infighting between the different factions is reminiscent of some things going on within our own world.

After Rafe and Anna are kidnapped, they realize they are mated, though it is a surprise to both of them. There is some rebellion on Anna’s part as she does not really want to live within some of the restrictions that are coming to light. Reading some of the laws and traditions, I can relate very well to Anna, as I too never went the traditional routine. The author did a great job keeping my interest as I stayed up late to finish reading.

Be aware that you should read this series in order, as you will need to know the background that brings the factions to a head. I am looking forward to the next book to see how things get resolved.

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