Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wrapped Around Your Finger

Title: Wrapped Around Your Finger
Author: Fallon Blake
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781419931314
Genre: {M/F} Contemporary BDSM
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Rose Nymph

A plus-sized fetish model with blue-streaked hair and a love of tattoos, Indigo Hartley is not afraid of the extraordinary. She has worked her way out of the country life, into the city and right into the oncoming path of the dominant chef Banner Faust. Granted, lying naked on a table and draped in Japanese delicacies isn’t an everyday occurrence for Indigo and it doesn’t help that having the world renowned chef so close is causing her to find it very difficult to remain still but luckily for Indigo, Banner has seen something he wants to taste – and we’re not talking about the sushi.

Banner can’t believe his eyes when the beautiful, extroverted and so obviously submissive Indigo walks into his life. Oh, she knows how to hide her true self from the outside world, but Banner can see the need to please and be loved just radiating from the vixen. He wants three days to prove how good it could be between them and he takes great pleasure in watching her process his request while trying to be professional in a room full of people eating off of her. As Banner’s guidance allows Indigo to go on a much needed inner journey of discovery, with sweltering results, the Dom realizes his own life is in need of change.

The complex characters in Wrapped Around Your Finger intrigued me. Indigo’s exploration of her submissive side is just beginning and at times, she feels like Banner is trying to mould her into someone she’s not. This really struck a nerve with me and I wish Indigo’s struggle between being able to let go and staying faithful to her own personality had been further explored. At times, there were implications that there was something wrong with her for wanting to use things like make-up and clothes to build a wall of protection against the world. I think Banner just wanted to show her that she didn’t need to hide when she was with him but it was still a little uncomfortable to read. It’s like he was stripping away everything that made her who she was in the first place. Perhaps this was the point of their relationship but I got quite attached to Indigo and at times, Banner’s will over her became too intense, as if I was losing the independent woman I had first met. Banner is tender and patient; the sex between him and his girl is erotic and his character develops nicely but I couldn’t help but hold my uncertainty towards his power over Indigo against him. I put myself in Indigo’s place and wanted to rebel against everything Banner said and did and I doubt that was the author’s intention.

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