Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Mistletoe Experiment

Title: The Mistletoe Experiment
Author: Serena Yates
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61581-743-6
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Life is good for Lance. His lover Magnus proposed and has taken a job at Stockholm University, so their little family of three will soon be starting a new life in a country far different from the one he grew up in. Lance is ready for the challenge and anxious to move forward to the next stage of his life. He isn’t as thrilled with the cold and dark winter days in Sweden. Still they’re together, but all isn’t perfect in their life and a threat to their relationship and Magnus’ job must be dealt with. Will their love be strong enough to stand up to the threats from the outside world? Can what started under the mistletoe last a lifetime?

The Mistletoe Experiment is the final release in the trilogy, Mistletoe Science, by Serena Yates and since it takes up shortly after the last release left off, I recommend the books be read in order.

Lance and Magnus are going forward with their life together and while the flow of this novella isn’t fast, it moves along at a steady, believable pace. The transition from one scene to the next is smooth and the descriptions of their new home in Sweden – during the depths of winter – and Lance’s reaction to the cold is particularly well done. I’ve liked this fun and quirky couple since the first release, Mistletoe Phenomenon, and as I’ve followed the growth of their relationship, that hasn’t changed. Their devotion and love is just as intense and their sex life is still sizzling hot.

That doesn’t mean all is without problems and Ms. Yates did a nice job interjecting unrest into their lives and Magnus’ job to keep the plot interesting in the midst of an intercontinental change of lifestyle. I also appreciated how well she integrated young Jakob into the plot, allowing him to play an important part, instead of using him for fluff background. The trilogy has come to an end, but this series has earned a place in my keeper file to be read again in the future. Enjoy!

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