Friday, August 19, 2011


Title: Buttercream
Author: Roslyn Hardy Holcomb
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-61118-440-2
Genre: {M/F} Multicultural Contemporary
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

Being raised by flower children has caused Poppy Blakemore to have a very eclectic personality.  She’s a vegetarian baker who has half the town in love with her food.  Poppy is very passionate about her food, but she has stronger feelings about war.  How could anyone support something so wrong?   She’d never questioned this until the day a soldier with puppy dog brown eyes asked her out on a date. 

Captain Matthew McAlister wants more than cupcakes when he meets Poppy at a Rainbow Reunion.  Considering the sparks flying between the two of them, sex is inevitable.  But is it possible this woman is the one person who can make all his nightmares disappear permanently?  Will she be able to accept him as he is? 

Poppy and Matthew are as different as apples and oranges.  Personally, I feel that’s what makes them work as a couple.  Matthew is proud to serve his country and is willing to give his life for his band of brothers.  After learning about Matthew’s near death experience and hearing his deepest feelings, Poppy still doesn’t understand his career choice.  For a while, they agree to disagree until Poppy does something that crosses the line.  I was so shocked by her actions that I actually felt Matthew’s shock leap off the pages.  By the end of the story, I still wasn’t able to completely forgive Poppy, but I’m glad Matthew was.  It touched me seeing how sometimes they just clicked so well.  One particular scene where Matthew did Poppy’s hair left me speechless with emotion.  Being that comfortable with your partner is special.  Heck, if I didn’t want Matthew before that moment, this scene changed that.   A man who brings the heat in the bedroom, protects you in times of need and does the little things for you is a definite keeper. 
Buttercream is a beautifully written story that will leave you wanting to read it over and over again.  Readers will bond with the characters immediately, as if they were next door neighbors.  If you have never read a Roslyn Hardy Holcomb story, you are missing out.  Just let Buttercream be your first, and I can guarantee you, it won’t be your last.

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