Friday, November 11, 2011


Title: Borderline  
Author: T. A. Chase
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61118-461-7
Genre: {M/M} Suspense
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx   

With the threat of more murders looming over their heads by a serial killer in Houston, Texas Ranger lead detective Mac Guzman is desperate for some help in indentifying the killer, so Mac’s boss sought out the aid of FBI profiler Tanner Wallace.  Working closely together, Mac and Tanner share more than just case information, they share a mutual attraction that develops into a relationship of trust and love. 

Borderline is an exceptionally intriguing psychological thriller.  The enthralling plot makes obvious the twisted mentality of a killer, as well as the mentality of homophobia.  Both exhibit traits of self-hatred for their instilled shortcomings, which is hidden by their displayed arrogance.  Both personalities target innocent people to harm rather than deal with their own personal problems.  The main characters are also very convincing.  Mac and Tanner both come from backgrounds with circumstances that were beyond their control. Yet, they both worked hard to become a credit to society.  Mac is a very private man who prefers to be judged on his professional merits, so he conceals his childhood past, along with his sexuality from his co-workers. Tanner is in a more precarious position because of his family’s illegal business.  Mac and Tanner are honorable men with a tiny flaw, which gives them realistic qualities.  The pleasurable intimacy scenes express Mac and Tanner’s passionate natures.

I thoroughly enjoyed TA Chase's Borderline.  This marvelous story is exciting, as well as sensual with a punch of superb realism.

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