Saturday, November 12, 2011


Title: Unus
Author:  Stephanie Burke
Publisher:  Loose Id
ISBN:   978-1-61118-577-5
Genre:  {M/F} Multicultural Paranormal Shape-shifter Fantasy
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

Cyprus wished her life were over.  How could this have happened to her?  Cyprus had done her duty of protecting her planet, as was expected.  She was a warrior after all.  She anticipated emerging from The Change ready to protect her coven, not to be the Coven Master. Cyprus didn’t want this new body or the responsibilities that came with it.  She wasn’t prepared to deal with this new thing called crying or craving for shoes.  Being a female was a curse in her eyes. 

Prince Alnowan is still happily unmated, much to his parents’ displeasure.  After running into Cyprus he’s ready to give up his bachelorhood to have her. He lost his heart to her instantly.  Being from different worlds with different customs doesn’t concern Alnowan.  Those things could be sorted out.  Being challenged to a fight to the death by his future mate is what has Alnowan concerned. 

Cyprus is from the Equlestraa race and Alnowan is Dragonish, so their mating is not a common one.  As a prince, Alnowan is expected to start his own circle of females.  He would be the head of the household.  As Coven Master, Cyprus would be the leader and the only female in her family.  Sacrifices and compromises would have to be made, but Alnowan is willing to do anything to have Cyprus.  No matter how much she denies it, Cyprus wants Alnowan just as much.  Even when unexpected issues pop up, Alnowan doesn’t give up and Cyprus winds up coming to his rescue. 

Unus, the second story of The Coven series, is really a prequel.  Readers will have no trouble keeping up if they read the stories out of order. This story is lighter and definitely has more humor than the first installment. Stephanie Burke gives us a deeper look into Cyprus and Alnowan, who is renamed Unus.  Their lives were drastically changed in a nanosecond and there was never a dull moment for either of them.  I appreciated the reversed roles of the woman being the head of the household but still, I felt bad for Alnowan.  He gave up so much to join Cyprus’ coven and be her mate. That made him manlier in my eyes, because I felt his complete acceptance of Cyprus.  Cyprus didn’t make things easy for him, because she resisted him every step of the way.  Only when Alnowan’s life was endangered did she admit they belonged together.  

Unus is a fast paced romance that will probably make you giggle and cry and the same time.  It’s far from predictable and the perfect foundation for future stories, I hope. There were moments that I actually laughed out loud, like during a scene when the couple exchanged insults.  If you enjoy laughter with your lusting, this one is for you.

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