Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cat’s Pride

Title: Cat’s Pride
Author: Stormy Glenn
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 1-61926-014-X
Genre: {M/M/M} Contemporary Shape-shifter
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx  

Benji never fit into his lion pride and after learning he was the mate of the new Alpha, he ran away. It wasn’t because he didn’t want Stellan but the Alpha didn’t want him and brought a woman in as his fiancée. Now he’s in trouble and needs help and if he doesn’t get it, he could wind up dead. 

Stellan wanted Benji from the moment they met but when he didn’t have a mating scent, he agreed to mate with someone else. When he learns Benji’s in trouble, he can’t ignore it and sends enforcer Kody to check things out. What Kody learns is that Benji’s life is a mess and that he’s the mate of both him and the Alpha. If Benji is to survive the men intent on killing him, it will take both Kody and Stellan to keep him safe. 

Cat’s Pride is the newest release by Stormy Glenn. I enjoy shifter books and while nothing about the premise is new, it still resonated with me. It’s an entertaining look into the lives of three men with enough problems to sink any relationship. Sweet Benji has had a rough existence and later been rejected by his bullheaded alpha mate, add in a second mate and you have story that sucked me right in.  With him, Ms. Glenn created a man who suffered a type of abuse all his life, so it’s not surprising he didn’t seek help from the men beating him. I think she did a nice job showing the signs of his downtrodden personality without allowing the story to become maudlin. 

Then Kody enters the picture. With him, Ms. Glenn shows two sides of his personality... big, dominant and unwilling to bend for anyone, versus his willingness to do anything for Benji. It was cute to see and nicely done, as was his hostility toward Alpha Stellan. The Alpha has a tough time mending fences with both his men but Ms. Glenn got him there, despite not deserving it.  

The story is pretty straightforward. It’s about Benji and his fight to survive in a world that didn’t want him. Meaning there’s lots of pain, fear and feelings of rejection. But with Kody’s arrival, all of that changes and suddenly he feels hope, desire and passion. That doesn't mean that in order to get the happily-ever-after they want, the guys don't have to deal with the villains in a well scripted, action packed scene at the end. Yes, there are a few plot threads left dangling and some inconsistencies but that don’t mean it’s not enjoyable.

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