Friday, December 23, 2011

Field of Play

Title:  Field of Play
Author:  Frances Stockton
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Publisher URL:
ISBN:  9781419933066
Genre:  {M/F}, Contemporary
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph 

Dallas agrees to pretend that Grace is his girlfriend to keep the public from finding out he is looking for his birth parents.  Once he sees Grace, Dallas rethinks the pretending part and makes her his girlfriend for real. 

Field of Play is the second book that the author has written about the Griffins football team.  The story has some angst throughout, but be aware there is a lot of football in it too.  I happen to like football and really enjoyed reading the descriptions and thought I was actually at some of the games, it was so descriptive.   

Grace is tall, like an Amazon, and had been teased a lot at school growing up.  Some of those feelings show up, especially when she finds out her main nemesis used to date Dallas.  The author showed how childhood hurts and some past relationships can have a big bearing on current ones, especially when exes are vindictive. 

Keep ice on hand as you read the scenes between Grace and Dallas because they are hot.  Some of the secondary characters are from the first book, Quarterback Blitz, though you can read each alone, but you will get much more enjoyment if you read it first.  I am looking forward to reading about some of these characters in future books, but do wish the author had tied them together as an actual series.

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