Monday, December 19, 2011


Title:  Devin
Author:  Kathi S. Barton
Publisher:  World Castle Publishing
ISBN:  978-1937085-43-8
Genre:  {M/F} Contemporary, Series 
Rating:  5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

Devin Grant wasn’t usually a first class jerk but today had been the day from hell.  He hadn’t intended to be mean to the tall waitress who made his blood pressure soar, but he’d treated her horribly.  If she didn’t spit in his food, it would be a miracle.  And the cherry on top was that she thought Devin was gay. 

The gun toting waitress Ronnie Fey had way too much going on to be distracted by the good looking man with the bad attitude.  Finding a new internship, paying for law school, and studying for exams were keeping her more than busy.  If Devin thought he could negate his bad behavior by making her his charity case, then he had another think coming. 

Ronnie doesn’t understand why Devin wants her, especially after she tells him the awful truth about her family.  Ronnie never thought she’d want any man, because the thought of being touched made her physically ill but Devin made her feel things she never expected.  And Devon fell in love with Ronnie almost from the moment they met.  Their happy ending is disrupted by Ronnie’s dysfunctional family as danger grows for Ronnie and Devin. 

Devin may be the second story of The Grant Brothers series, but by no means does this story take a back seat to the first installment.  Kathy S. Barton has made me fall in love with everyone in the Grant clan all over again.  Devin Grant is a great lawyer and an honorable man.  However, when he took his frustrations out on Ronnie, I wanted to kick him.  I was so happy when Ronnie stood up to him, because Devin needed that.  I love it when the woman makes the man work for her affections.  Ronnie certainly did that.  Ronnie is a hard working woman who overcame more than any one person should have to deal with.  After learning some specific details about Ronnie’s childhood, I felt her shame and disgust as if it were my own.  Picturing her as a little girl thinking about death as an escape truly upset me.  I suggest keeping a tissue close by, because you just might need it.   Sometimes, the worst situations produce the strongest people.  I know that was the case for Ronnie.  Her surrogate fathers were adorable and they added some levity that Ronnie needed.  I was jealous of the love they showered Ronnie with. The dark twist and turns, I never saw coming, left me wondering if Devin will have emotional scars down the road.  If you’re looking for a story to warm your heart, Devin is for you.

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