Monday, March 5, 2012

Demon Seed

Title:  Demon Seed
Author:  Jianne Carlo
Publisher:  Loose Id
ISBN:  978-1-61118-697-0  
Genre:  {M/F} Multicultural Contemporary Suspense
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

Jacinta Maria de Silva has lived in a convent her entire life.  As she was preparing to take her first vows, Jacinta was told she’d have to spend time living in the outside world first.  With temptations like popcorn, ice cream, and music, it became obvious that Jacinta wouldn’t be taking her vows.  But the biggest temptation was the man called Demon.  He’d saved her from rape and death, without even knowing who she was or what kind of trouble she was in.  Demon was awakening new feelings in Jacinta that she wanted to explore with him. 

Being in the Navy Seals has taught Demon how to recognize an ambush right away.  Pretending to be Jacinta’s lover was the only way to save them both and not blow his cover.  Demon was already on a mission so he didn’t want to get wrapped up in Jacinta’s drama.  After some of the missing pieces of the puzzle start coming together, Demon knows he has to protect Jacinta.  Knowing how innocent and sheltered she is doesn’t stop him from wanting Jacinta. 

Demon knows the lunatic who’s after Jacinta and he knows she can’t go back to the convent, no matter what she says.  The more time he spends with her, the more Demon starts thinking about a future with her by his side.  Part of him wants to be selfish but the other part feels guilty about shackling her to a man like him.  Jacinta isn’t as helpless as Demon thinks and she shows him that life in a convent has made her stronger than he thinks. 

Demon Seed is the fourth book of the Hades Squad series.  It brings together two people who seem to be as different as night and day.  Jacinta has led a sheltered life, while Demon has seen and done too much.  From the moment they met and Demon was forced to become Jacinta’s lover, I knew she was no wilting wallflower.  An average woman would never have been able to pull off such bravado.  Jacinta is a living contradiction and I loved that about her.  The nuns had taught her deadly skills with a knife and yet she loved M&M’s like a child.  And each time she made her little announcements to Demon, I cracked a smile.  I couldn’t help laughing along with Demon.  He thinks he’s too damaged and tainted for Jacinta and can’t believe that she has feelings for him.  I could understand how Demon might think she felt gratitude and not love.  I enjoyed reading about his confusion.  He’s an honorable man and he deserved Jacinta’s love.  The suspense and danger kept me on the edge of my seat, trying to guess what would happen next.  I thought it was clever how Jacinta and Demon’s past were linked.   I know readers will be drawn into this story as if they are side by side with Jacinta and Demon, just as I was. 

Reading this story as a stand-alone will not confuse you if you haven’t read the previous stories in the series.  However, it will make you want to read Jianne Carlo’s other works and make you a fan. 

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