Thursday, March 1, 2012


Title:  Spencer
Author:  Kathi S. Barton
Publisher:  World Castle Publishing
ISBN:  9781937593018  
Genre:  {M/F} Contemporary, Series
Rating:  5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

Spence Grant is a professor and single father.  When he gets a call saying his daughter is in the hospital, his heart almost stops.  Meggie is the most important person in his life and the thought of losing her is too much to endure.  Spencer’s relief quickly turns to concern when the woman that saved Meggie pulls a gun on him.  He’s drawn to the headstrong woman and doesn’t know why.  What he does know is that he’s not letting Cait go. 

If she hadn’t been planning to have chili for dinner, Officer Caitlynne O’Malley might not have been in the right place at the right time to save a little girl.  Unfortunately, Cait’s wounds are still healing when she injures herself again in the line of duty.  Death threats, kidnapping and murder are part of Cait’s daily routine, but she handles the chaos, because she’s good at what she does.  When Spencer and his bossy family are introduced into her life, things get complicated.  Cait’s supposed to be recovering so she can return to work, not falling in love. 

The attraction is too strong for Cait or Spencer to ignore, even with pending danger against their families.  Cait risks everything to keep Meggie safe.  In the end, things work out, but not without some painful losses.  Cait comes through for the Grant family more than once, without regards to her own safety.  I loved her character because she’s a strong woman who let a child into her heart.  Cait had no idea how to deal with children and she didn’t do things the “right" way.  That’s what made it touching and comical.  Cait’s scenes with Meggie cooking and shopping were my favorites.  That woman was a disaster in the kitchen but bless her heart for trying.  And the wedding scene nearly brought me to tears of happiness.  

Spencer had one moment where he really disappointed me by hurting Cait.  Even though it was a stressful moment and I understand his reason, I’m still hurt by his actions.  It’s a good thing I can see Spencer’s side and that I forgive easily.  After learning about his ex-wife and what a piece of work she was, I had to see him find happiness with Cait.  It was so perfect, the way he and Cait continued to address each other by their last names.   

If I haven’t been clear about how much I treasured the third story of the The Grant Series, Spencer, then pay close attention.  Kathi S. Barton hit another one out of the park with this outstanding story.  The characters that I fell in love with from the beginning keep finding new ways to touch my heart and make me laugh.  I feel comfortable, as if I know them all personally, and I find myself wanting to go to a family dinner.  I can never guess what might come from someone’s mouth and I really love that shock factor.  Readers are going to agree that this one is a winner as well.

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