Saturday, October 20, 2012

To Catch A Fox

Author: Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day
Publisher: The Empire Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9780987328762
Genre: {M/M} Mystery Series
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

Profile of Jonathon Fox: a New Orleans private detective and comes from a wealthy family. But Jon chose not to join the ranks as head of the Fox Corporations. Jon appears to be your average working man, casually dressed, driving an old car and living in the family’s plantation manor in need of some serious renovations. He has issues that stems from the loss of his father. Becoming a private detective is part of Jon’s self-appointed makeover. Jon’s motto is to help people without getting emotionally involved with anyone on a long term basis. However, Jon has a network of business contacts who accept casual sex as the preferred payment.

Profile of Tucker Wilder: a screen play writer whose first attempt at movie-making did not sell as he hoped, so he returned to his home in New Orleans, working in his aunt’s café while researching material for what he hoped would be the next blockbuster.

The case: Betty Black hires Jon to assist her in locating an acquaintance from fifty years ago. As it turns out, the name given to Jon by Betty is also the name of the man Tucker is researching. Tucker becomes a person of interest in Jon’s investigation. When Tucker witnessed a murder that Jon also happen to stumble upon, then Tucker is now a target in need of Jon’s protection and things just spiral downward from there for Jon, as well as Tucker.

To Catch A Fox is the first book in the Knight and Day Fox Mystery series. This is a gripping saga full of heart-stopping incidents. The complex plot has many twists and turns, an exciting murder and mayhem, emphasis on mayhem thriller with a dash of humor. Nevertheless, Jon and Tucker manage to squeeze in a few moments of scorching intimacy.

I absolutely enjoyed To Catch A Fox and look forward to the upcoming book A Fox in the Hole. My favorite quote “on this episode of Lifestyles of Sick and Demented we travel to the backwoods of Deliverance-ville, Louisiana, to meet a deadbeat daddy and his back door whore.” You will need to read the book to understand that quote.

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