Thursday, August 8, 2013

Huntress Takes All

Author:  Ali Atwood
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
Publisher URL:
ISBN/BIN:  978-1-77111-565-0
Genre:  {M/F}, Paranormal, Series
Rating:  4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph

Brig is surprised to be met by the Prince himself after she lands on Ben Nevis.  Duncan is surprised by Brig’s appearance and his immediate attraction to her. He also tries to protect her, even though Brig has been hired to protect Duncan against threats made against him.

Huntress Takes All is the third book in The Huntress Chronicles series.  We learn a little more about Brig and her abilities. Duncan has his own specialties as well and they come into play later.

The chemistry between Brig and Duncan is immediate and they are hot once they get together.  However, sometimes that chemistry tends to distract both from the danger against Duncan.

Pamela seemed to be a stereotypical gold-digger, but some of the other secondary characters were interesting and one was funny.  I had to laugh at some of the antics Crawford pulled as well. The story is good, even though the bad guy is pretty evident.  The way there are a few twists is interesting and I loved the last confrontation as it was something I did not see coming at all. 

I recommend The Huntress Chronicles be read in order, though each book can be read alone.

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