Monday, September 30, 2013

Strong Enough

Author: Cardeno C.
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-62798-052-4
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Emilio Sanchez might only be twenty-two but he’s ready to settle down, just like the rest of his siblings. When he spies math professor Spencer Derdinger at his family run construction site, he’s smitten. The man of Emilio’s dreams is shy but they still become involved quickly. That doesn’t mean Emilio has an easy time earning Spencer’s trust because of his past hurt. The one thing Emilio knows is that being with Spencer is what he wants and he’s willing to be patient.

After a bad breakup, Spencer doesn’t trust easily and he rarely dates. When he’s approached by a gorgeous, young construction worker he’s shocked, but he can’t deny his attraction. For the first time in his life, he does the unexpected and takes Emilio home and it changes his life. Instead of a one-night stand, Spencer has the possibility of real love, if he can let go of his past and let Emilio into his heart for the forever kind of future he longs for.

Strong Enough is the new release in the Family series by Cardeno C. Please note it’s a standalone, so the books can be read in any order.   

Okay. It’s entertaining, sweet and charming. It’s a true story of opposites attract. Some might say it’s cheesy or even sappy but I don’t care. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t stop reading until I reached the end. Yes, there isn’t a lot of outside conflict but poor Spencer is filled with enough personal angst to sink a relationship without any help from the outside. Thankfully he has the ever patient Emilio. 

The author did a great job developing the personalities and backgrounds of both men. The imagery is good, the flow’s smooth and the emotions believable. Oh and the sex—steamy. I can usually pick a favorite character but in this case, I can’t. I like them both. I hope you like the book as much as I did.

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