Monday, April 21, 2014

Vaaden Captives

Title:  Vaaden Captives
Author:  Jessica Coulter Smith
Publisher:  Changeling Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN/BIN:  06794-02187
Genre:  {M/F}, Sci-Fi, Anthology, Series
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph

Vaaden Captives is the first book in the Galactic Affairs series and is a collection about three women.  Facts about Vaaden society is given, though some of it is not pretty.  Non-Vaaden women are slaves, personal if they are claimed, or placed in public harems if not.

Sorcha - 4 Nymphs

The first story is about Sorcha, who is unhappy when she realizes her owner is married, because she believes in fidelity.  Thale tells her she has to accept her lot in life now, regardless of her beliefs.  When Sorcha meets Thale’s brother, Valen, she falls for him.  After some serious problems between the brothers, things are resolved.

Enid - 4 Nymphs

Enid is the second slave’s story.  I found Bastian interesting because he understood immediately that Enid had been abused and eventually fell in love with her.  Bastian ends up asking the prime minister to bend a few rules for him.

Susan - 4 Nymphs

The third story is about Susan and gives the reader more information about Vaaden marriages, as well as some of the protections slaves have on Vaaden.  Even as Susan accepts her lot in life, things conspire to make some changes that will make her life easier. 

The collection of stories in this book are intriguing in a lot of ways.  I enjoyed reading about the world the author created, even as I got upset about some of the societal mores on Vaaden.  I do want to find out more about Vaaden society and what changes may be in the future based on the special permission given to the three warriors.  I am looking forward to the next book.

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