Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wolf on the Run

Author: N.J. Walters
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-61922-285-4
Genre: {M/F} Paranormal Series
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx
Release Date: 10-28-2014

A childhood illness destroyed Cherise Michaels’ ability to shift. Their pack considers her an abomination and to stay alive, she and mother have been running for years. When they’re found in St. Louis, her mother is murdered and a dream sends Cherise to a town she didn’t know existed—Salvation, North Carolina. She’s barely arrived when the pursuing killers find Cherise.

Cole Blanchard is patrolling Salvation Pack land when he discovers wolves threatening a woman. He’s furious—and certain the terrified young woman is his mate. When the trespassing wolves won’t leave willingly, Cole’s is forced to kill them. Then he must convince his newly found mate to trust him. Can she learn love, desire and a sense of family? Can Cole convince Cherise she can find peace in his arms? 

Wolf on the Run is the newest release in the series, Salvation Pack, by NJ Walters. With an ongoing plotline and recurring characters, I recommend the books be read in order.

You don’t often come across a story where a werewolf can’t shift, so this unusual trait is an interesting one for Cherise to have. It certainly allows the author to turn the normal solidarity of her birth pack on its ear when they decide she’s an abomination. It’s also the one fact that controlled Cherise’s life, and is a focus throughout Wolf on the Run. 

Now to the rest. Over all, the story is well written and plotted, and has good imagery. All the previous characters are integrated nicely, as the pack members are close friends.  The personalities/histories of Cole and Cherise are pretty well developed, but I had a better sense of Cherise’s history, which is pretty depressing. Unfortunately her pained, glum emotions throughout most of the book got a little old. It also caused the middle of the book to slow. (Truthfully, I had trouble developing a connection to her.) I was pleased when the pace picked up near the end, due to the action filled scene of an expected confrontation between Cole and Cherise’s old pack. I look forward to seeing what happens in the next release, as from the epilogue, it looks like the old pack that Cole and friends grew up in and left are about to case trouble again.

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