Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Title: 7
Author: Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael
Publisher: Torquere Books
Publisher URL: http://www.torquerebooks.com/
ISBN: 978-1-60370- 871-5
Genre: {M/M} Erotic, Anthology
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Unheeded Warnings - 5 Nymphs - teaches a young vampire that his sire knows best after he tangles with some slayers.

Nameless - 4.5 Nymphs - takes you into a world of the Dark Fae and Sprites. Where slaves hide what they are and death sentences can be handed out based on your sexuality.

Unrequited - 4.5 Nymphs - takes you back to the Romanorum Court of Mael Black. Old jealousies make themselves known and love blooms once old jealousies are set aside.

Inside the Stone - (4.5 Nymphs) - brings the God of the Hunt to life after a young man discovers a family secret is true and must make a choice.

7 brings the virtues and sins to life in these stories in some very interesting ways. From the aftermath of war to a world where humans are second class citizens, and worlds where demons, ghosts and angels are common, I found these vignettes enjoyable. There were quite a few of these stories that I would have liked to learn a lot more about the society and the relationships between the characters. The passion and insecurity that most of the characters display will spark your imagination and feelings of being drawn into the story. This is one of the few books I have read by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael and it will definitely not be the last.

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