Friday, January 28, 2011

Games Men Play

Title: Games Men Play
Author: G. A. Hauser
Publisher: authorgahauser
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1453-6403-8-8
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Rufus Jennison’s life is in turmoil. His two year relationship with his partner, Marley Racine, an office co-worker, fell apart after the man cheated, so now he’s suddenly single again and lonely. To make matters worse, his office is closing and he’ll soon be unemployed.

Stockton 'Stocky' Hastings is a lonely, unhappy man and he works with his brother in the plumbing business started by their father. He’s gay but barely admits it to himself, much less his homophobic family and as a man who needs to lose weight, doesn’t think he could ever attract the attention of a gorgeous man like Rufus. Stockton doesn’t realize how wrong he is.

Both men are filled with pain and insecurities from their past and to move their relationship forward, they have to get over the hindrances holding them back – the Games Men Play.

Games Men Play is a new release by multi-published author G. A. Hauser. It’s a realistic look at the pain and insecurities of two men who don’t know their own worth. The story doesn’t start off with a bang but rather at a steady pace, giving the reader time to both identify with the characters and to remember the pain and uncertainty of beginning a new relationship. Both men are likable and with their job, family, finances, weight or even cheating ex-lover difficulties, their problems are relatable to just about anyone.

Ms. Hauser did a very nice job getting these two men together. Stockton had a much more difficult time accepting that Rufus wanted him than the other way around. He was from a blue color family, had been closeted all his life and was overweight, making his self-worth tiny. Yet, through the ups and downs of their love, passion and misunderstandings, she worked her magic, resulting in a realistic plot that the reader could imagine happening to themselves or someone they know.

There are a few rough moments, so everything is far from perfect between these two, but still you can see a good progression in their relationship. While there are numerous characters playing supporting parts, the most important are Stockton’s family. For most of the story they aren’t what I’d call villains, but they’re certainly not loving or supportive either and when they discover Stockton is gay…watch out for the fireworks.

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