Saturday, July 30, 2011


Title: Reckless
Author: Bailey Bradford

Publisher: Total-E-Bound
ISBN: 978-0-85715-520-7
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal, Werewolf, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Scandalous Minx

Nathan Grant has lived a sheltered life.  The memory of how vicious shifters could be lingers on and aids as a buffer.  He has no desire to interact with others until he encounters Marcus Criswell, a fellow shifter and more importantly, Nathan’s mate. 

Six months in the hands of his enemy has left Marcus in a weakened state.  His body is a shell of its former glory, thanks to the torture and lack of nourishment he has endured.  And when all hope seemed lost, Nathan appeared ready to aid Marcus in his time of need. 

Will Nathan be able to help his mate undo some of the damage already done, or will the former Alpha Anax of the Northern American shifters decide he can’t go on? 

Bailey Bradford brings us yet another exciting adventure in the Southwestern Shifters series.  I’ll admit Nathan was the exact opposite of what I thought Marcus’ mate would be like, and I’ve never been so happy to be completely wrong.  Their personalities mesh well, and their differences add spice to this well written tale. 

Nathan’s lack of information in regards to shifters adds just the right amount of drama.  I could see his internal battle as he fell more in love with Marcus.  His past interaction with shifters wasn’t all roses, but his desire to keep Marcus in his life made it impossible to simply walk away. 

Marcus was dealt powerful blows at the hands of his enemies.  He has such an enormous amount of personal strength to not only live through the ordeal, but to allow his mate to help in the healing process.  Those intimate moments when they let down their guards and allowed love to flow in were precious. 

By the time the story ends, there is no doubt that they make the perfect couple.  I was shocked by a revelation in the story but hope that Alex will be the next shifter to find his mate.  Those who’ve enjoyed previous stories will find Reckless to be a wonderful continuation to the saga.  Mayhem, steamy erotic encounters and tear jerking moments await your reading pleasure.

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