Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Title: Inferno
Author: Jocelyn Michel
Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-60521-584-6
Genre: {M/F} Paranormal, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

Running her florist shop is keeping Bianca busier than usual, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.  No matter how hectic her schedule gets, Bianca always sets aside time for her favorite hobby, hunting werewolves.  One particular wolf has been giving her the slip for a while.  Bianca is looking forward to the day she can add him to her list of kills. 

Bianca’s innocent, kid-sister looks doesn’t fool Raffe at all.  This wolf knows the sexy vampire won’t give up until she has him exactly where she wants him.  After Bianca’s apartment is destroyed by fire, Raffe suggests they take a break from trying to kill each other.  He’s more interested in exploring the sparks flying between them.

I’ve been dying to know why vampires and werewolves became enemies since I read the first story in the Assassins in Lace series.   After reading Inferno, the fourth book, I don’t think it matters any more.  As long as Jocelyn Michel continues to give me witty comebacks and spontaneous love scenes, I say ignorance is bliss.  It thrills me reading the pivotal moment when the werewolf and vampire realize they can’t actually go through with killing the other.  Bianca and Raffe talked about this serious topic as if they were discussing the weather, while their lovemaking was far from tepid.  I appreciate how the characters contradict themselves.  Sure, they’re both lethal paranormal beings who most would think twice about messing with.  But, at the end of the day Bianca and Raffe are just a couple with the hots for each other.  That never gets old.  I hope there are more assassins waiting in the wings, because I’m not ready to say good-bye to them.

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Thanks, Amethyst Nymph, for an awesome review.