Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Most Exquisite Gift

Title:  The Most Exquisite Gift
Author:  Dakota Dawn
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN:  1-61034-462-6
Genre:  {M/F}, {M/F/M}, BDSM, Ménage
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph 

Dara is doing a favor for a friend by going by Garner’s to pick up a gift that Bryan bought for his wife.  Garner was told he will be training a new sub for Bryan and his wife as a third. 

I had to laugh at the last paragraph in The Most Exquisite Gift because it seemed so out of place in the book, even though it could be true.  That being said, this book is a beautiful look at a woman who is curious about BDSM, but really hasn’t taken that step.   Dara is a very strong woman with her own business, but has always wanted what her friends have.  Garner has trained a lot of subs, but has been looking for his “soul mate” because of how happy his friend Bryan is. The author kept you emotionally involved throughout the book. I could not put it down once I started reading it. 

Dara and Garner have explosive chemistry together so keep ice handy.  Part of Dara’s journey was to learn that once in a while, a Master may share his sub with a very close friend, in this case Pete.  I actually wanted to slap both Garner and Pete because of how they started treating Dara while they were all watching TV.  Dara actually reacted very mildly compared to how I would have reacted. The secondary characters added an element of uncertainty and angst for Garner, until the morning of his birthday.  This is a book I will be reading again.

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Dakota Dawn said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the great review! I'm glad I was able to stir up several emoitions in you ;)

Dakota Dawn