Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whispered Words

Title: Whispered Words
Author: Marie Harte
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61118-471-6
Genre: {M/F/M} Multicultural Paranormal Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx 

The Psychic Warfare Program got scraped when government funding was cut. Instead of transferring to another agency, Chloe King, along with a few of her fellow agents, left to work for a private organization but without the government medication or protections. It forces them to keep a low profile working in a gym undercover to avoid detection. 

Chloe’s been a cop or an agent for ten years, catching the bad guys while using her power to escape danger. The voice she’s heard for most of her life fails her when she goes looking for a paranormal object that’s gone missing. She almost winds up being murdered by a serial killer and barely escapes with her life after being aided by two strangers. Chloe’s on the ragged edge and knows she has to get away to clear her head and doesn’t expect to discover the voice is real. And she certainly never thought they’d belong to two strong, sexy men who’ve determined she belongs to them. 

Whispered Words is the third book in Marie Harte’s Power Up! series. For the best understanding of ongoing character relationships, I recommend the books be read in sequential order. 

It’s a well plotted book with plenty of action that grabbed my attention on the very first page. Chloe’s an interesting woman. Her personality is determined, self-sufficient and kick-ass but she’s filled with longing and afraid of wanting too much happiness. Ms. Harte’s made her a complicated woman who’s survived a difficult childhood and the details revealed really help to show who she is and where she came from. Then there’s Josh and Xavier Cannon…identical twins with their own psychic powers, who are the perfect match for Chloe in every way. Get the three of them together and the sexual tensions at a rolling boil and when they get to a bedroom or any other horizontal surface, it’s blistering hot. And the sex scenes…get a fan! 

I liked the addition of Josh and Xavier’s family and I hope to see more of them, especially the two other brothers, again in the future. The parents liking Chloe was a nice touch, since she didn’t have a family of her own, giving a good warm/fuzzy feeling to those scenes. Catching the stalker is a priority and having the Cannon family and Chloe’s friend able to help was great.  

I can’t wait to see what happens to, most likely Nathan and Avery, in the next release.

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