Thursday, September 8, 2011

Steam Powered Passion

Title: Steam Powered Passion
Author: Corinne Davies
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 1610340159
Genre: {M/M/F} {M/M} {M/F} Steampunk, Series
Rating:  Golden Blush Award
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Rogue Satyr 

Lady Tori Trenton knew her husband didn’t love her. Their marriage had been one of convenience, for political reasons. She didn’t love Lord Trenton either. But she is still shocked when an airship pirate captures Trenton’s frigate and tells Trenton he can keep one item; his wife or his ship. Lord Trenton chooses his ship. 

Tori married Trenton because the only man she truly cared about died at sea. If someone had to make a sacrifice to marry Trenton for her family, she thought it should be her. She is stunned to find Sean, still alive and first mate to Captain Mal, the pirate who attacked her husband’s ship. 

Tori believes her fate will be similar to the two ship doxies she is quartered with. That is until she comes to realize that Sean may still love with her and what’s more, Mal is intrigued by her. But Sean and Mal are now lovers and Tori worries Sean only loves men now. She knew Sean was a steampunk engineer who loved to tinker and is aghast to find that Sean has a mechanical arm now. Sean keeps Mal’s amazing ship, the “Seahawk” sailing. 

Events spiral out of control. Outside influences, personality conflicts, and the past of all three threaten to destroy what could be a wonderful three-way relationship. 

Steam Powered Passion is what all erotic steampunk should strive to be; Victorian ethics and technology intermingled with modern day sensibilities and fantastic inventions, with some very hot sex. It is a fantastic read and the plot, both character and adventure driven, will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mal, Sean, and Tori are all very detailed, unique and believable characters. Each have their own wants, desires, and agendas; often at odds with each other. They are all very lovable characters and I cared deeply about what happens to them. Mal and Sean’s relationship is obviously lacking something, but Tori adds the right balance to make the ménage a trios both wonderfully erotic and believable. That is if all three strong personalities don’t screw it up by the end of the story. 

The plot is clear and fun. This isn’t to say there aren’t some angst ridden moments where you want to reach in and strangle the protagonists or that there aren’t any sad and poignant moments. The plot works on two levels -  romance and adventure -  and it does so deftly. 

I’m glad that Steam Powered Passion is the first in the series, Steampunked Lust.  The world Corinne Davies created definitely deserves visiting again. I would love to learn more about the politics, technology and culture of this unique universe.

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