Friday, September 23, 2011

Steamed Up Memories

Title: Steamed Up Memories
Author: Corinne Davies
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 1-61034-704-8
Genre: {M/M/F} Steampunk, Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Rogue Satyr 

Liam McKenna left his highland clan years ago, after they refused to help him keep two daughters from being taken by their New World father.  He has never forgiven himself for letting them down and is afraid of ever hurting women again.  He has found solace in Tristan, his first mate of his airship ‘Apollo’.  He loves Tristan but hasn’t told him that. Tristan is afraid Liam doesn’t love him like he loves Liam. The fact they even come to blows doesn’t help. They both know their relationship needs something to stabilize them. 

Yzabeau ‘Yzzi’ Gifrator is the youngest daughter of the man who took her away from Liam, although she has suppressed that memory.  Given her father’s high standing in the New World government, and her hatred of some of the things her government condones, she has been spying for years. She has been giving the resistance certain information, especially concerning slaver rings, although she doesn’t believe her father is involved so she modifies certain documents so as not to incriminate him. Until recently she has carefully avoided putting herself into danger, slipping information to an unknown contact via her sister. 

Liam is on a mission to break up a slave pit. When he sees Yzzi spread eagled upright on the auction block, he fears that his actions may put this operation and the whole resistance at risk.

Steamed Up Memories is the second book in the erotic steampunk series Steampunked Lust. The title is very apt as it involves the memories, some of them repressed, of the major characters and how they react to their own, and others, memories and past actions. The characters are strong, wonderfully detailed and believable. They were minor characters in the first book of the series, have very different personalities than the protagonists in that book, and it is good to see them have a story of their own. In that book, it was hinted at that Liam and Tristan were a gay couple. There’s no hinting here with plenty of man love to go around. Corinne Davies still amazes and teases me with her world. It is a fantastic steampunk alternate earth that I want to see in great detail. The ‘Atlantis’ is something almost worthy of Jules Verne. But whereas the first book had the perfect balance of erotica and adventure in its plot, we see much less of the world and there is much less adventure here. It seems odd to say an erotic book had too much sex in it, but I felt this one did. Although the sex is wonderful and very hot, it starts to become redundant towards the end of the book. 

My biggest disappointment in Steamed Up Memories is that it almost has the same exact plot of the first book; an emotionally damaged woman (sisters at that) may find healing in an airship captain who is afraid to hurt woman and has a gay lover as first mate.  For example, early in both books the captain gives the woman an erotic massage to calm her down and make her forget her trauma. At times I was getting déjà vu. This may be because I read both books in quick succession.  

I really did like this book.  It may sound like I didn’t like it, or wouldn’t recommend it, but I did and I would.  These are more warnings then very negative points. I understand that an author wants to keep a good thing going. 

One more point I must make is that the editing seemed very bad; bad grammar, extra words, missing words, missing punctuation. This isn’t the fault of the author or the book, but by about a fourth of the way through the book it began to irritate me and infringe on my enjoyment of it. The worst part was a section towards the end where the point of view of the narrative jumps around from paragraph to paragraph. I well understand that an author may be in such a hurry to get their thoughts down, they plan on it being polished later. It wasn’t polished later and someone let many mistakes slip through. 

Again, I really do recommend this book, especially if you are an erotic steampunk fan. It has much more to offer than any drawback it may suffer.

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