Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last Dance

Title: Last Dance
Authors: A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly
Publisher: Silver Publishing
ISBN/BIN: 9781614957614
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Police Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Being together is all Jubilee Mason and Kieran Fox wants but life keeps getting in their way. Kieran’s scheduled to head back to Canada but Sheriff Dillon gets murdered in a brothel, trying to help a young girl. To catch their friend’s killer and stop the child sex slave ring operating in their own backyard, the men put together a sting and Kieran goes undercover. Its dangerous playing a sleazy child procurer but Kieran’s good at his job and has his father as backup. New things related to the sex slave keep getting revealed and then someone tries to hurt Jubilee’s family. Can Jubilee and Kieran find a way to be together or will family and their jobs keep them apart?

Last Dance is the latest release in the Orgasmic Texas Dawn series. As part of the ongoing story of Jubilee and Kieran, the books should be read in order.

This is a wonderful addition to this group of books and my favorite in the series. There’s so much going on. I mean it’s just one action packed scene after another as Jubilee and Kiernan go after the child sex ring and Dillon’s killers. These newest villains are by far the worst of any encountered by our guys so far. The authors did a nice job bringing back previous characters to assist in the sting and of course we also have family time with Jubilee’s sister and nephews. All these supporting individuals add a lot to the story, a sense of family and depth that wouldn’t be present without them. Plus with Jubilee’s family you also get lots of fun and laughs.

As you can imagine from these two authors, the story is just as strong and well written as the others. The pace is fast, the sex sizzling and the knowledge of police procedure just keeps getting better. I really like this book and watching Jubilee and Kieran’s relationship progress is a treat. Take it from me, if you enjoy fast paced, enthralling reads, give this one a try. I think you’ll enjoy it. Look for the next book in the series, Summer Rain, featuring new characters, Nicholas Fournier and Sean Mercado.  

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