Monday, May 30, 2016

The Misbehaved

Title:  The Misbehaved
Author: Jessica Jayne
Publisher:  Totally Bound
ISBN/BIN:  978-1-78651-026-6
Genre:  {M/F} Erotic, Contemporary
Rating:  3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph

Life has always been like a rollercoaster ride that never ends for bar owner Natalea Jones.  Bad parenting started her off on the wrong foot from birth and still haunts her.  It’s a miracle Natalea turned out so well rounded, and it’s all because of one man.  Drake is the best friend Natalea’s ever had and the only man who is off limits to her.  Was a romp in the hay really worth losing the feeling of having a real family life?

Drake Harte’s career is to put out fires, but the one flame he can’t extinguish is the one he carries for Natalea.  For what seemed like forever, Drake has been trying to stake his claim on Natalea, but she isn’t hearing it.  He knows things between them would be perfect, but Natalea has the wrong idea about Drake.  She refuses to take him seriously.  Convincing her otherwise is going to be sweet torture.

When Natalea’s trifling mother reappears, Drake gets his chance to lay all his cards on the table, so his friend status disappears in the blink of an eye.  These two were always meant to be more than buddies, and now they are both on the same page.  Their story is short, but packed with so much emotion and back story. Part of me wanted more of a glimpse into Natalea’s past, but another part wanted to turn a blind eye when I thought of all the horrible things she experienced because of her mother.  That woman is the reason some people should be sterile.  

The Misbehaved left me feeling the comfortable side of romance, when lovers are actually friends too.  Jessica Jayne did a great job of sharing Natalea’s problems, but not making me feel sorry for her.  In fact, I felt empowered by her strength and inspired by the obstacles she overcame.  

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