Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beauty, Inc.

Title: Beauty, Inc.
Author: Tara Lain
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-62380-890-7
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Series
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx
Release Date: June 8, 2016

Beauty is Chemist Dr. Robert “Belle” Belleterre, a kindhearted young man who is the exact opposite of his father and two older brothers. CEO of Beauty, Inc, Magnus Strong looks like a beast but in reality is a very compassionate man.

Beauty, Inc. is part of the fairytale series A Pennymaker Tale. The plot consists of strong intelligent characters, realistic trauma, emotional conflict, a touch of humor and dazzling scenes of intimacy.

Belle is fighting an uphill battle alone, trying to save his father’s business while his father and brothers are thoughtlessly doing everything to destroy it. When Belle is forced to move to New York and work for Magnus, Belle’s loyalty begins to change. Belle is very much attracted to Magnus, but feels guilty about turning his back on family.

Magnus continues to wear his scars as a reminder of his past, he does not believe he is worthy of love until Belle breaks through Magnus’s shield. Magnus does everything within his power to help others yet he denies his own desires for happiness.
Tara Lain has created a marvelously uplifting saga that I immensely enjoyed. The main characters are a perfect example of what it means to love thy neighbor. Even though Belle’s family seems to be callous, the reason for their actions is comprehensible.  

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