Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Treasure of Gold

Author:  Piper Huguley
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing
ISBN/BIN:  9781619227439   
Genre:  {M/F} Historical, Multicultural
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph

Nettie Bledsoe has devoted her life to the church and helping others.  So when she stumbles upon a wounded man, Nettie can’t just walk away.  Despite warnings from her family, Nettie knows she has to get involved.  The church members surely couldn’t have a problem with Nettie caring for a motherless child. 

People looked down on Jay Evans because of his job, the same job that lead to him getting shot.  Jay wants to change his life for his daughter, Goldie, but it’s not as easy as he thought.  Long ago, the church failed Jay, so he’s hesitant about accepting Nettie’s help.  Until he regains his strength and school resumes, Jay has to find something to do with Goldie.

Bonding with Goldie was easy for Nettie, but she was caught off guard by the pull she felt towards Jay.  He wasn’t what Nettie expected, and she saw a side of him that others didn’t.  It had been a long time since Jay considered having a woman in his life.  Because of him, Nettie could possibly be shunned by the church and her family.  Nettie’s will was strong, but Jay was afraid of the influence they had on her. 

Nettie and Jay are so different, but that doesn’t stop them where matters of the heart are concerned.  Nettie is a no-nonsense country girl who believes the church can do no wrong.  Jay is a numbers man and single father who’s trying to go legit.  At first Jay isn’t happy about Nettie’s meddling, but soon he can’t imagine continuing life without her.  Jay had issues that only Nettie could have resolved.  She gave him life after tragedy and Jay gave Nettie hope.  Nettie never expected to have a family of her own and I know her family would have stifled the light in her eventually.   Nettie’s family loved her without a doubt, which probably led to their controlling ways.  They meant well though, and eventually they changed their tune. 

A Treasure of Gold is the third book of the Migrations of the Heart series, but I feel it can be read as a stand alone without a problem.  Readers will become invested in the characters because they’ll feel so comfortable with them, as if they are neighbors from down the road.  I enjoyed the simpler time that this story was set in and the involvement of the church without being too preachy.  Piper Huguley does a wonderful job of building a foundation that makes a very memorable and touching story.  

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