Monday, September 28, 2015


Title: Heart
Author: Bailey Bradford
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-78430-725-7
Genre: {M/M} Shifter Series
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

This plot features three subject matters. Transgender, spiritual lost and a quest to discover an unknown identity. Shaman Rolly has returned home to his pack, bringing a catatonic patient named Lotu with him. Rolly has decided it is time to claim his mate. Rolly’s mate is transgender Erdwin/Edie, who has just come out of the closet and been accepted by the pack. Erdwin/Edie’s younger sister Rhea is on a mission to find her parental ancestry.

Heart is the fourth book in the Spotless series. The series features the various breeds of mainly cat shifters. The Spotless series is linked to the Leopard's Spots series.  In the Spotless series, starting with Hide, the stories feature the mixed breed children of a fanatical leopard shifter’s forced breeding with all of other cat species. 

As a whole, Heart is an enjoyable saga. I particularly enjoyed the emotional importance of acceptance for Erdwin/Edie.  However, I found all the chaos illustrated a little bit of overkill. Also there is quite a bit of character profile repetition, which I found tedious.     

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