Friday, July 22, 2011

Marked Yours

Title: Marked Yours
Author:  Elizabeth Noble
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-61581-963-8
Genre: {M/M}, Futuristic, Paranormal
Rating:  4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph 

When a volcano erupts in Yellowstone Park, the world changes, in more ways than one.  Now, three hundred years later, mankind still struggles to survive.  Nick and Todd are just two of those who try to keep their world alive. 

Marked Yours is a very interesting story that is sure to bring the author many fans.  Set in a world that continues to survive after an apocalyptic event, nothing is the same.  Babies are purposely born to become slaves and same sex relationships are encouraged to prevent over population.  The need for protection still exists and that is where Todd and others like him come in.  As a sentry, it is his job to protect the citizens of New Colorado from enemies, both normal and paranormal.  In a world where slavery once again exists, Nick is bound to Todd at an early age.  When Nick turns 21, Todd is finally able to claim the young man.  The attraction between the two is very strong but as you can imagine, the master/slave dynamic causes a few problems for the two.  Todd and Nick must also contend with interferences from outside sources.  The scenes where Nick received his owner’s marks is rough and very intense; readers will have no problems understanding Todd’s need for revenge.   

Readers will enjoy the relationship between the two men and understand how the many pitfalls they find themselves in could come about.  In many ways, Marked Yours is also very emotional.  Nick has been raised since birth to be a slave.  In the society that exists, within this story, slaves are at the total mercy of their ‘teachers’ until the day they are turned over to their owners.  The training that Nick went through is unpleasant and while the reader only learns about what Nick went through as the young man remembers, it is still, at times, hard.   

Marked Yours is one of those stories that is hard to tell others about without giving too much away.  Suffice it to say, readers are in for a very entertaining time as this fast paced story is sure to hold their attention until the very last page.  This was one story I hated to see end and will be re-reading again soon.


Catana/Sylvie Mac said...

I made the mistake of buying it, thinking that the plot sounded interesting. Bad choice. Lots of plot points that don't make sense, sloppy writing, and more. My rating is two stars.

elizabeth noble said...


Thank you so much for reading Marked Yours, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate you taking time to write a review, thank you.

Elizabeth Noble

Lou said...

I've had the pleasure of interviewing Elizabeth Noble at my blog (, and ever since I've had Marked Yours on my list to read. After reading your review, I think I might move it up closer to the top of the list. I'm getting anxious. Thanks!