Friday, July 22, 2011

Thin Ice

Title: Thin Ice
Author: J.T. Marie
Publisher: JMS Books
ISBN: 9781611521146
Genre: {M/F} Contemporary
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Rose Nymph 

Jessie was as surprised as David was when their childhood friendship developed into something deeper. Her father had tolerated their friendship but makes his feelings about a deeper relationship quite clear – David is a delinquent from a bad family and his daughter could do much better. Before Jessie can even begin to argue her case, David is implicated in an altercation that leaves a member of Jessie’s family badly hurt and she is forbidden from ever seeing her love again. Jessie’s despair that her family can’t understand her feelings forces her to make a choice, with consequences that no one could have predicted. 

Thin Ice was well written story that I enjoyed reading. It was as if I was hanging out with Jessie and she was casually telling me her story, slowly pulling me deeper as the seriousness of her situation became clearer. There is some poignant imagery to a rather dark plot. The writing is a little vague at times, perhaps to emphasize the high school student point of view. There were times I thought I was reading about something that happened in the past when it was actually the present, and vice versa. In my opinion however, this added to the clouded vision of a young woman in love. Jessie’s frustration at her father caring more about how the rest of the community sees her family than her happiness seems particularly accurate to me. If you like young love, angst and dark, bittersweet endings, I recommend Thin Ice.

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