Friday, July 22, 2011

Pop Life

Title: Pop Life
Author: Ryan Loveless
Publisher: Silver Publishing
ISBN: 9781920484422      
Genre: {M/M}, Contemporary
Rating:  3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph 

Even after two years, Andrew is still recovering from the breakup of his marriage.  His business partner and best friend, Michael, is hoping Andrew’s upcoming trip to New York will help turn things around for his friend.  While Andrew is not looking forward to the business part of his trip, he can’t help but be excited about running into Jamie again. 

Pop Life is an interesting read set within the music world during the late 1990’s.  Andrew is a songwriter, visiting New York for a family wedding. While there, however, he is also meeting up with a popular member of a boy band to discuss music for an upcoming solo record.  It’s during this time that Andrew is reacquainted with Jamie, another top-billed musician.  The chemistry between the two men is there but the mistakes Jamie has made in the past continue to haunt the young musician, making it difficult for him and Andrew to get together.  The author does a good job bringing all the anxiety and uncertainty that a recovering addict goes through, especially when faced with temptation the way those in the music industry are.  When Jamie’s secret is finally revealed, it is shocking, yet at the same time, not surprising.   Andrew, in many ways, continues to carry a naiveté around him, even for someone who has been in the business as long has he has.  Some of this, I am sure, is due to the fact that while he has been in love with Jamie for some time, he has never had a sexual relationship with another man. 

At times, Pop Life came across more like a soap opera than a romance novel.  The drama surrounding the secondary characters tended to overshadow the main characters, almost running away with the story more than once.  While I liked the story, I also felt slightly cheated out of the story I was expecting to read. 

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