Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Wagered Wench

Title:  The Wagered Wench
Author:  Georgia Fox
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
ISBN:   978-1-927368-48-0
Genre:  {M/F/M} Erotic Medieval
Rating:  3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

Elsinora Gudderthsdottir has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders.  As the only child, who just happens to be female, Elsinora must make certain that the family lands are run properly.  But, no man will fight for lands run by a woman, and her father constantly reminds Elsinora of this.  The only solution is for Elsinora to get married.  Just when she thinks she’s convinced her father that she won’t marry,  Elsinora is thrown for a loop and finds herself married to a complete stranger. 

Dominic Coeur-du-Loup is a Norman soldier with morals, even though Elsinora considers him a monster.   He didn’t intend to really take the land or the daughter he’d won in a tavern game until he witnessed the sad state of the land and the spirit in Elsinora’s eyes.  Dominic knew that if he didn’t follow through with marrying Elsinora, she could wind up with a worse option than him.  She needed him and he was quickly growing to want Elsinora.   

Elsinora unhappily agrees to marriage and promises Dominic that he will never have a moment of peace with her.  Even though her new husband has the manners of a pig and orders her around like a child, Elsinora can’t stop the attraction she feels for Dominic.  As much as he wants to ignore the fact, Dominic is loosing his heart to Elsinora.  He is concerned about the attentions of an old suitor of Elsinora’s.  If push comes to shove, Dominic is willing to give up the family manor, but he will never give up Elsinora.   

Unfinished business between Elsinora and her old suitor causes problems with her marriage to Dominic.  The tables turn and now Elsinora is granted the power to choose her future.  She takes her sweet time in reaching a decision after making some unconventional requests along the way.  Dominic and Elsinora’s old suitor compete for her affections but in the end, Dominic is the one who wins her heart. 

The Wagered Wench is the fifth book of The Conquerors series, but readers don’t need to read the series in order to easily grasp and enjoy this story.  Elsinora is a spunky girl and that is what I liked about her most.  She accepted her fate and married Dominic after putting up quite a fight.  Their fights were equally as stimulating as their love scenes, and I know readers will be shocked by some of them.  There were a few scenes with sexual activity that caught me off guard and left me feeling confused. I’m also left with questions about Elsinora’s old suitor.  All in all, this story has a happy ending that gave me closure and made me curious about the other books in the series.  If you have never read Georgia Fox story, this one would be great as a start.

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