Friday, October 23, 2015

Avelyn and the Alien Daddy

Author:  Jessica Coulter Smith
Publisher:   Changeling Press
ISBN/BIN:  07483-02413 
Genre:  {M/F} Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Series
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph

Six months has passed since her divorce and Avelyn Murray needs a fresh start and a job.  Because of her medical issues, Avelyn knows being a Terran bride is not an option, but maybe something else was available.  While on her job search Avelyn meets someone with a dilemma, and she’s certain that she can help.

The day-care told Thrace that his adopted daughter Lily was never to return.  The Terran security officer has no babysitter for his child, whom he can’t seem to comfort.  When Thrace meets Avelyn, he’s immediately drawn to her.  She turns out to be exactly what he wants in a nanny and much more.  How will Avelyn react if she discovers Thrace wants her as a mate?  Should he jeopardize the well-being of his daughter for his own desires?

The love between Avelyn and Lily is apparent to anyone with sight, but the budding affection between Avelyn and Thrace is something different entirely.  Thrace is on the fence about mixing business with pleasure, though there is no doubt in his mind how pleasurable things would be with Avelyn.  He has no idea that Avelyn wants him just as badly.  With the ease of breathing, they become the perfect family for Lily and it is so touching.  I was stunned to discover the full story behind Avelyn’s medical condition and divorce.  Thank goodness Thrace was understanding and Avelyn didn’t let her feelings block her chance at love.  

Avelyn and the Alien Daddy is the third story of the Intergalactic Brides series, and just as the first two, it will suck you in like a vaccum.  It’s hard to resist a single dad as it is, but adding in the fact that he’s easy on the eyes and kind put the final nail in the coffin for me.  Avelyn’s past is sad, but if that’s what she had to endure to wind up with Thrace and Lily then I accept it.  Avelyn moves on like a true champion and Thrace is the perfect cheerleader.  I am already imagining them with a house full of children, and I can’t wait to see what the next story in this series will bring.  

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