Monday, July 27, 2009

Temptation & Treachery

Title: Temptation & Treachery
Author: Isabel Roman
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60777-109-8
Genre: {M/F}, Historical, Occult
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Goddess Minx

A Magicker herself, Lady Isadore Harrington is on her way to America to take over the work of her brother and friend Malcolm, in helping the less fortunate live free of persecutors of magic. Her area of Magick is vision seer and while on the ship during the trip, she has several violent visions involving strangers. In one particular vision, she sees the face of a man she knows, James Blackthorne, and wonders what it means for them.

James Blackthorne, head of the Council of Magickers, and frustrated because he is tired of being at everyone’s beck and call. He’s lacking sleep to keep up with the troubles since his cousin, who is a master magicker, has married and left for England. When he sees Isadore walking off the ship, his body reacts to her even before he can speak or touch her, and that is not what he expected. Now that he had determined that there is nothing to stop him from making Isadore his, he uses all his experiences to get her.

Temptation and Treachery is the fourth book in The Dark Desires of the Druids series and I found myself wondering how this story would unfold. I was surprised by the fact that there was more than one villain and of how much loyalty the council Magickers lacked. There is an immediate attraction between James and Isadore that blossoms from the very beginning of their relationship. Their lives are in danger before they realized the truth of who is behind it but it didn’t stop them from helping those that needed them.

Isabel Roman has done a wonderful job telling of the treachery by the characters that felt they needed the control. There is a joint effort of council to staunch the problems that arose so they could try to live peacefully. I am hopeful that this is not the last in this series, and I am looking forward to other books written by this author.


Isabel Roman said...

Thanks, Goddess Minx, for the lovely review. I know I said that for each book, but I truly mean it!

Goddess said...

You are very welcome Isabel, and hope to read more of your books soon! LOL