Thursday, June 16, 2011


Title: Lost
Author: Abby Blake
Publisher: Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-61034-388-3
Genre: {M/F/M} Paranormal, Series
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Rogue Satyr 

Caleb and Ethan are best friends. They also happen to both be psychic and work for a top secret government agency. While trailing a psychic terrorist for weeks, they both ‘hear’, telepathically, the panicked terror of a young woman being abducted by the rogue they’ve been chasing. Not knowing how the young woman is involved, they rescue her, her terror being almost deafening to both of them. 

Theresa was abandoned at birth. She has always felt different and has sequestered herself from the rest of the world. Even riding the subway and taking the elevator is hard for her. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia since she hears voices.  A strange man, posing as a police officer, ‘arrests’ her. She knows he’s not a real cop but she doesn’t know how she knows.  Suddenly two hunky and handsome men come to her rescue.  Her desire for them seems to affect them as well.  They tell her she is a psychic and in terrible danger. 

Not knowing who in the agency to trust, Caleb and Ethan go on the run with Theresa.  They try to protect the burgeoning psychic, whose powers are starting to manifest themselves.   

But which is the bigger threat; the rouge agents hunting down Theresa for unknown reasons or Theresa’s uncontrollable powers? 

Lost is the first book in the Altered Destinies series.  These books are stand-alone and need not be read in any particular order. 

Lost is a very well written story. It is a paranormal tale about psychics and does a good job at describing how being psychic can affect the day-to-day life of a person with such powers.  It is really a ‘coming of age’ story, even though Theresa is 27, in that she is learning to deal with new powers, a new view of life, and has to come out of her shell that she has built up around her to protect herself from the powers she didn’t even know about. 

The characters are very likable and soon the reader cares about what happens to her. The world of Altered Destinies is built in such a way as to make it very believable, even though it is about unbelievable subjects.  

The erotic scenes are very erotic, in that we feel the lust and desires of all three people in this ménage a trios. What could be a muddled mesh is handled deftly by the author and is very easy and clear to read.  The plot is suspenseful and is full of twists and turns.  

I enjoyed reading Lost and if it is any indication, Abby Blake’s series Altered Destinies, even if unlinked, will be just as good.

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