Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wet Skin

Title: Wet Skin
Author: Laura Baumbach, William Maltese
Publisher: MLR Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60820-053-5
Genre: Anthology, M/M
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Slippery When Wet - Laura Baumbach - 5 Nymphs
For three weeks Dr. Parker Crowe has been covertly watching the mystery man he dubbed Sir Brawny & Buff, building fantasies in his mind as he watches the sweat roll down those muscles as they sit in the sauna. Then one night Parker is the object of his dream man’s erotic seduction with lovemaking that surpasses any fantasy Parker has ever had.

The Drive Home - Laura Baumbach - 3 Nymphs
The one thing that Adam discovered about his new lover Rick is that he likes to experiment with decadent ways, designed to induce Adam into an arousing fervor and the utmost pleasures received during a shower.

The Cataracts Part One - William Maltese - 4 Nymphs
Running from the problems is the way model William Maltese copes and learning that he has inherited ten percent ownership of a South American property allows William deal with the loss of his father and escapes the head of the modeling agency, who wants to be his first male lover. However, William finds himself in the middle of two brothers, Kyle and Jeremy Salinas, who are on opposing sides of the property issues. Each brother is vying for William’s percentage of The Cataracts as well as desiring William for a lover.

Wet Sheets - Laura Baumbach - 4 Nymphs
Nicholas had very little time for a social life after working long hours, but a chance meeting at the grocery store is just what Nicholas needed. Always attracted to big hunks, Erp, at six feet five of hard muscle, is the perfect he-man to initiate Nicholas to man love.

The Cataracts Part Two - William Maltese - 5 Nymphs
The saga continues with William determined to resolve the dilemma he and the Salinas brothers find themselves in. William decides to sell his percentage to Kyle and return to London, convinced that his stocks is the only interest Kyle has in him since nothing more than a few kisses have been exchanged between them. The fear of losing William forces Kyle to reveal his true feelings, as well as his desire for more than casual sex. William realizes his search for Mr. Right is over and it is time to stop running.

Wet Dreams - Laura Baumbach - 3 Nymphs
Because of conflicting schedules, a committed couple breaks the dry spell with a night of steamy lovemaking that is better than any dream.

South of the Border - Laura Baumbach - 5 Nymphs
This hot tub scene is another peek at the main characters of Mexican Heat, an action-packed cop thriller. Gabriel is relaxing in the hot tub when his lover, Antonio, joins him for an arousing session of lovemaking.

Wet Skin is a collection of five incredibly erotic scenes by Laura Baumbach and a romantic short story with a hint of mystery by William Maltese. Several of the stories are first-time encounters into manlove. All of the characters have Wet Skin, whether it is from being in water or sweats pouring off their bodies during their sensuous activities. This is an arousing and enjoyable collection.

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