Thursday, August 4, 2011


Title: Sold
Author: Elizabeth Raines
Publisher: Siren-bookstrand
ISBN: 1-61034-565-7
Genre: {M/M/F} Futuristic, Series
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Rogue Satyr 

Lyrianna steals medicine from a drug overlord, and gives it to missionaries to rightfully distribute it to plague victims on a nearby planet. Police arrive at a showdown between Lyrianna and the drug lord. Lyrianna freely admits she stole them from him to prevent him from gouging prices. The police arrest her after her ‘confession’ and she is sentenced to forty years of hard labour on the penal moon.  On the way there, however, she is selected from the other convicts. She awakes four months later from stasis, on a planet on the other side of the galaxy. 

She soon finds herself auctioned off to the highest bidder on the planet of Pagonna.  It is a frontier world, made up mostly of men, and she is to be a sex slave. She is bought by Carter Verdel, a handsome and muscular water-pod farmer. As Carter takes her on the eight hour journey to his island, she finds out that Carter is bisexual and has a partner, Brandon Hunt. Carter and Brandon are very much in love, but miss having sex with a woman. Lyrianna tells Carter that she would consider it rape if they have sex with her without her permission, even if they do own her. But her will is tested as she sees the equally sexy, handsome and athletic Brandon, as she is filled with lust. Slowly Lyrianna falls in love with the perfect little paradise of the island and with Carter and Brandon. But do they see her the same way, or is she just a sex toy that helps with chores? And will Lyrianna’s past catch up with her? 

Sold, book 4 of the Wicked Missions series and a stand-alone, is a wonderful story. The characters have fully developed personalities, with wants and desires. I soon fell in love with all three. Pagonna is a richly detailed planet and I also fell in love with Carter and Brandon’s little island. The plot is mostly character driven by misunderstandings and miscommunications and the differing personalities of all three. Lyrianna swears she won’t have sex with the two men that bought her, but within half an hour after seeing the island and Brandon, she has sex with both of them. I was confused by this at first, since Lyrianna wanted no part of the auction, but then I realized that my confusion was also that of Lyrianna’s. She separates love from sex, as does Carter and Brandon, and therein lies trouble.  She desperately wants Carter and Brandon to love her, but their actions don’t always let her believe they do. The idea of being nothing more than a bedroom companion is abhorrent to her, and the reader is taken along for the ride. 

The sex scenes are steamy; all are threesomes with some m/m elements. There’s a very sweet sub plot of a young woman that was enslaved and auctioned off with Lyrianna, they are each other’s only friends on the planet.

Although rather predictable, the climax is still riveting and one is left wondering until the last minute exactly what choices Lyrianna, Carter and Brandon will make.

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