Friday, August 5, 2011


Title: Sybelle
Author: Roberta Gellis
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419931987
Genre: {M/F} Historical, Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Goddess Minx 

Here we have Sybelle, the granddaughter of Lady Alinor.  She is an amber-eyed, tempterous beauty, who has been trained from birth to shoulder the responsibilities of the Roselynde family inheritance.   

While the Roselynde clan is making an effort to stay out of the war being instigated by the King of England, Sybelle is bombarded with suitors for her hand in marriage.  That is until she meets Walter de Clare, a man who feels she would make a perfect wife for him.  Sybelle is not sure that her feelings for Walter are love, although she is willing to spend more time with him to find out. 

Walter de Clare, a knight who rebels against King Henry III for listening to ministers who only have their best interest ahead of the people.  He finds himself caught up in the middle of a war that should not have happened and spends more time trying to keep his family crest from being seen by the enemy.  While avoiding the King, he’s decided on spending as much time courting Sybelle as possible.   

Sybelle is the sixth book in the Roselynde Chronicles and I very much enjoyed it, as much as the first five books.  There is two marriages performed within these pages and I tell you, just getting to the place that held the services seemed difficult for all parties concerned.  From time to time, I expected an all out fight among the family members because a disagreements over one or two things, but Lady Alinor proved to be the good matriarch that she is and reigned peace over all the discontented.   

This story proved very interesting for the two main characters, Walter and Sybelle, who manage to overcome all the obstacles put in their path.  I just knew Walter would reject Sybelle when he found out the arrangements, regarding Roselynde’s inheritance.  At first, he refused to accept them but as time went on, Walter and Sybelle began to know each other better, he realized that his love was more important than owning property.  

Sybelle is the heroine in this story who always thought of others first instead of herself.  She proved to be quite a young woman, who learned fast and used her knowledge to make life better for all concerned.  Thank you Ms. Gellis for a wonderful series called the Roselynde Chronicles.  Read and enjoy each story in sequence or separately.

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